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Jia is silk screen

Power savings,Rich experience

  • Located in the hometown of wire mesh anping county,The transportation is convenient,Sophisticated production equipment,Strong;
  • Fence netting production experience,For the customerFree door-to-door survey design;
  • Factory direct shipment,Save a lot of dealer's profit in the middle。
  • Independent research and development production independently,Quality control degree is high

  • Relying on excellent production testing equipment、The production of standard、Strict quality management。
  • Ensure the product quality、High quality。Trusted by the customers
  • Has professional scale、Larger production capacity of the production line
  • For many years years focused on production of wire mesh products

  • Fence netting all raw materials source control,Genuine materials,Solid and reliable;
  • No shoddy、Cutting corners,No more quietly emptying;
  • Provide wire meshIndustry excellent fence products,Escorted all the way for our products!
  • Perfect service system,Let the customer to buy the rest assured

  • Engineer online to solve the problem for you
  • The detailed tracking of the service our factory shipment of each batch orders
  • 7*24Hours of professional customer service online,Provide more perfect service。
  • Quick quick order process

    Jia is silk screen
    Anpingxian better are wire mesh products co., LTD

      Anpingxian better are wire mesh products co., LTD. Is located in wire mesh production base,It happened“Silk screen of the township”Reputation of the territory of hebei anpingxian,Company advanced production technology,Research and development strength。
      My company can provide customers with products:Stadium fence、The Seine、Stadium fence、The playground is Seine、Basketball court Seine、Tennis court fence、Football field fence、Volleyball Seine、Golf course Seine、Track the Seine 、Seine on our school playground、Stadium fence mesh...

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    Jia is silk screen
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