• OEProducts manufacturing enterprises
    Establish absolutely absolute advantage
    • It happenedCAE、CAPP、UG、PLMModern technology such as system software

      Professional and technical personnel50More than one;College degree or above accounted for12%;A year can be developed successfully20A variety of cylinder head

    • High technical standard、High quality requirements

      DDRExcellent technical standard and high quality requirements,The company strictly implement heat treatment specification aluminum alloy castings

    • Flexible production line

      10A vertical machining center and horizontal machining center with the combination of the flexible production line,300000A cylinder head production as well100000Other aluminum products production capacity

    • The strict quality testing

      Have direct reading spectrometer、Optical spectrum analyzer、3DThe scanner、German tsai three coordinates measuring instrument、Intelligent gas meter molding materials、The research and development of intelligent heat meter calibration system and other professional equipment

    Focus on quality,Focus on service

    OEProducts manufacturing enterprises

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