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QuFuSheng lung machinery equipment co., LTD

QuFuSheng lung machinery equipment co., LTD. Is located in“Eastern holy city”Hometown of Confucius--Shandong qufu。The main businessCrushing baling machine、Pick up the baling machine、Feed millSuch as the production and sale of all kinds of baling machine,Is a modern agricultural equipment information、Technical services in one integrated modern farm machinery and equipment management and sales of modern enterprise。The company has a bold innovation、Hard work、High quality research and development personnel,With domestic and international numerous well-known enterprise established the good、A solid partnership,Formed a strong talent、Technology、And the brand advantage。The company's products each machine for farmers and herdsmen to create about every year20An income of ten thousand yuan,The finished product packaging fine feed,More farmers and herdsmen to save the cost as much as forage grass70Into。Both lifted the farmers and herdsmen's toil、To reduce the cost of forage grass、Solve the burning of straw,Create a lucrative income for farmers and herdsmen,The straw again at the same time“Waste”,To retrieve lost the other half of the agriculture。

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