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      Xiangtan traction locomotive plant co., LTD., founded in1991Years,Company is located in the generation great man MAO zedong's hometown——Hunan xiangtan,Director of changzhutan“Two type society”Experimental zone core position,The company registered capital3218Ten thousand yuan,Total assets1.89One hundred million yuan,Is a self-support right of import and export... Described in detail
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The company mission:Hunan QianDongLi Lead in the future
The company vision:Do international mining equipment providers
Company's core values:Sincere for this,Gen as the source
The company spirit:Persistent spirit
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  • Sinosteel
      • Tongling nonferrous
          • Jin coal group
              • The dragon coal group
                  • Shenhua group

                        Address:Xiangtan city of hunan province yuhu grass pond road15Number
                        Sales hotline:0731-58379588
                        Market development department:0731-52826858
                        Sales by fax:0731-58377431
                        Service hotline:0731-52826828
                        After fax:0731-58377950
                        Human resources:0731-52826817