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Xishuangbanna rubber sets of the fieldThe company is engaged in rubber industry20Years,Is a plant、Processing、Foreign trade is easy to be an organic whole,Diversified integrated enterprise。2013In link with xishuangbanna rubber industry chamber of commerce resemblance state natural rubber industry coalition together。Now the field of rubber group has become an annual production of tens of thousands of tons, xishuangbanna, scale of private rubber enterprises。Rubber planting base back resemblance state institute of botany, Chinese academy of sciences,I wanna own rubber resource base mu,Industrial workers500More than。Enterprise has strong technical force、Rich management experience and advanced detection equipment。And have strong economic strength and development potential。Is the rapid development of resemblance area、Efficiency is better、Product market share...more>>
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  • 2018-04-17Parashorea cathayensisSCR5Rubber factory of the field9700The national standardRubber technology center of the fieldYunnan province
  • 2018-04-17Parashorea cathayensisSCR10Rubber factory of the field9500The national standardRubber technology center of the fieldYunnan province
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